Mark Zuckerberg and Wife to donate $300 million for U.S. elections to deal with COVID-19 pandemic

Damn, Gina! its Trill! Facebook CEO and his wife are donating a whopping $300 million dollars, both benefactors are super dead! TGIF!

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, on Tuesday, revealed plans to donate $300 million to help the U.S. election process deal with challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news was disclosed by the two nonprofits benefiting from the donation: the Center for Tech and Civic Life and the Center for Election Innovation and Research.

The Center for Tech and Civic Life will receive $250 million, which it says it will distribute to local election jurisdictions for staffing, training, and equipment.

The Center for Election Innovation and Research will receive the remaining $50 million, which will be spent on helping local jurisdictions secure their voting data.

“This donation will greatly assist election officials as they seek to inform voters about their voting options and any changes, educate them about how they can successfully ensure their ballot is received and counted, and bolster transparency and legitimacy,” David Becker, executive director of The Center for Election Innovation & Research, said.

“Many counties and states are strapped financially and working to determine how to staff and fund operations that will allow for ballots to be cast and counted in a timely way,” Zuckerberg and Chan said in a statement. “These donations will help to provide local and state officials across the country with the resources, training, and infrastructure necessary to ensure that every voter who intends to cast a ballot is able to, and ultimately, to preserve the integrity of our elections.”

The donations come with Zuckerberg under constant scrutiny over the spread of political misinformation on Facebook and over the company’s policies regarding fact-checking.

After years of missteps by the social network, including its handling of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and user privacy concerns, the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be an opportunity for Mark Zuckerberg and his company to redeem its reputation.

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Written by William Davis


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